The IWPA Open Call 2020 is open to all women photographers from all over the world.

The Open Call starts January 7th until February 29th 2020 at midnight French time.

A specially selected international jury comprising of eminent figures from the art and photography community will shortlist 5 candidates whose work will be on display in one of its partner’s city, which will house the opening exhibition.

IWPA’s goal is to provide a platform for women photographers to exhibit their work to a wide and diverse audience. IWPA aims to help women photographers to gain global recognition in order for them to move forward creatively and professionally.

The IWPA is a photography award organized by the International Women In Photo Association, and is supported by Canon France and La SAIF et La Copie Privee.

IWPA team is happy to share the names of the 45 pre-seleceted photographers who have participated to the IWPA Award 2020 and would like to congratulates all of them for their amazing works !


We would like to thanks all the participants who have submitted their works and wish them success in the futur when life will be back to normal and hopefully better.
We know that for many photographers and to speak largely for the « art and cultural » industry the period is extremely difficult and so we will do our best to keep supporting them through our goals and missions.
Also, as many, our exhibition's calendar has been totally modified or cancelled. We will keep you informed when new dates are considered.



IWPA would like to thank all the photographers who have submitted their photos for the IWPA Award 2019 and is very pleased to announce the Laureate & Finalists 2019:


Laureate :  Wan Chee Chan 

Finalists : Felicia Simion - Laura Pannack - Liliana Velázquez - Masha Ahrabi Fard - Maria Contreras Coll - Maryam Firuzi - Olga Kukush - Olya Morvan - Solmaz Daryani - Sidney Lea Le Bour.

Congratulations to all these amazing photographers!


Alejandra Rocabado ; Alexa Vachon ; Alexa Hoyer ; Amy Friend ; Ana Eduardo ; Andrea Goldschmidt ; Anya Miroshnichenko ; Camille Michel ; Chang Yiyun ; Constantina Peppa ; Corinne Mariaud ; Deepti Asthana ; Dora Redman ; Emma Arbogast ; Felicia Simion ; Floriane de Lassée ; France Dubois ; Gaëlle George ; Haud Plaquette-Méline ; Iggy Smalls ; Ines Leroy Galan ; Irena Paskali ; Joke Schut ; Karen Commings ; Khanh Dang Tran ; Kris Seraphin ; Laetitia Guichard ; Laura Pannack ; Laura Clementé ; Laure d'Utruy ; Liliana Velázquez ; Livia Saavedra ; Magdalena Orylska ; Mahboube Karamli ; Masha Ahrabi Fard ; Maïté Baldi ; Manon Riff-Sbrugnera ; Maria Contreras Coll ; Maro Verli ; Maryam Firuzi ; Mercedes Gertz ; Natalia Ershova ; Nathalie Yvrard ; Nity Jannatul ; Noemie Aubry ; Olga Kukush ; Olga Tzimou ; Olya Morvan ; Ranita Roy ; Robin Butter ; Sana Ahmadi ; Sarah Dauphiné Tchouatcha ; Shaimaa Alaa ; Sidney Léa Le Bour ; Solmaz Daryani ; Thana Faroq ; Wan Chee Chan ; Alyson Bercuingt




The International Women Photographers Association is pleased to announce the 11 photographers who have been selected from a total number of 600 submissions received from 82 countries. IWPA jury has carefully reviewed the portfolios and decided to award the following artists:

Laureate : Constanza Portnoy

Finalists : Manyatsa Monyamane - Loulou D'aki - Annalisa Natali Murri - Estelle Lagarde - Laetitia Vancon - Tahmineh Monzavi - Elahe Abdolahabadi - Alice Mann - Shu-Chen Chen - Marylise Vigneau

The IWPA team would like to thank all photographers who have participated to edition 2018.

The IWPA 2018 Award is a photography award organized by the International Women Photographers Association, Antidote Art and Design & Myartspy. Canon Middle East is the official sponsor, Alliance Française Dubai its institutional partner and TV5 Monde its Media partner.

IWPA’s goal is to provide a platform for women photographers to show their work to a wide and diverse audience, to gain global recognition and to encourage & boost their careers creatively and professionally.





IWPA would like to thanks all the photographers who have submitted their photos for the IWPA Award 2018. More then 600 photographers have participated, coming from 82 countries.

This year IWPA has recieved more submissions from the Middle East North Africa region thanks to the support of the Canon ME, official sponsor of IWPA.

The 60 short-listed photographers 2018 are:

Sarah Blesener ; Estelle Lagarde ; Camillia Ferrari ; Akiko Dupont ; Marylise Vigneau ; Tahmineh Monzavi ; Laura Liverani ; Gaelle Girbes ; Aisha Jemila Daniels ; Julia Gunther ; Fabienne Cresens ; Sarah Seene ; Oriane Zerah ; Alice de Kruijs ; Aurelie Bonneville ; Flor Ael Surun ; Elaine Pessoa ; Melanie Dornier ; Louise Honnee ; Ines Marinho ; Annalisa Natali Murri ; Patricia Ackerman ; Shayma Idris ; Sophie Pouderoux ; Sonia Madrigal ; Elahe Abdolahaba ; Christine Mathieu ; Floriane De Lassee ; Btihal Remli ; Solmaz Daryani ; Tanya Sharapova ; Mariasa Chafetz ; Judite Linka Kiss ; Hyun Suk Kim ; Chloe Jafe ; Loulou D’aki ; Larissa Araz ; Linda Dorigo ; Vanessa Chambard ; Guilherme Bergamini ; Serena De Sanctis ; Hiromi Kakimoto ; Alexa Hoyer ; Liliana Merizalde ; Julie Coustarot ; Manyatsa Monyamane ; Constaza Pornoy ; Alice Mann ; Laeticia Vancon ; Nitty Jannatul ; Serra Akcan ; Fatin Naziahah Rosli ; Magdalena Oryiska ; Carolyn Mendelsohn ; Yael Portabales ; Dounia Fikri ; Susmita Bhattacharya ; Shu-Chen Chen ; Sara Medghaichi.


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IWPA, the International Women Photographers Association, promotes women photographers by highlighting and exposing their practices and talents to an international audience. The IWPA Award and the promotion of exhibitions are the main ways to achieve it. The Association serves an important mission: To encourage and support women photographers on the path of reaffirming their personal voice and practice. / The objectives are to / Promote the diversity of women photographers…

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Laureates IWPA 2013 Laureates IWPA 2013 – festival “Images d’elles” 19 shorlisted laureates, 2 exhibitions in Toulouse, France : Espace Bonnefoy and the Maison des Associations. With an exceptional patron, famous french photographer Sabine Weiss Ula BLOCKSAGE / English-australian / Based in London UK Yaja HADRYS / Australian / based in Sydney, Australia Shen LIN / Chinese / Based in Shanghai, China Soledad FERNANDEZ DIAZ / Spanich / based in…