Lela Panchvidze

Lela Panchvidze

IWPAxTAF 2024 -

Unanswered Questions 

« The past is never dead. It’s not even past » – William Faulkner

Taken in 1983, my black-and-white photos from Abkhazia contrast sharply with recent color images. Since the 1992-93 war, the once-close distance between these places feels insurmountable. These old photos raise poignant questions about borders, missing loved ones, and vanished landscapes. Through this juxtaposition, I seek to reconnect with cherished memories and ‘return’ loved ones to their native places.

Panchvidze graduated from Tbilisi Medical University before delving into the world of photography. Notable achievements include winning the special prize in the Kolga Tbilisi Photo competition and lecturing on photojournalism at Tbilisi State University. With accolades spanning international competitions and publications, she has made significant contributions to the field, including translating influential works and crafting handmade photo books.