About Us


International Women in Photo, is a non profit association in France acting on a global scale.

Our main missions are:
– The promotion of women photographers of all origins and nationalities.
– Work for Parity and Equality through photography in the World.
The roots for IWPA’s work lie in the under representation of women photographers in a world where the majority of photographs (advertising, art institutions, magazine covers…) are by men.
Male-orientated views and stereotypes of women within photographic imagery compound the problem and perpetuate inequality.
IWPA draws attention to social issues that are often ignored or simply not covered by the male dominated perspective of our world.


– To Increase the visibility and diversityof women photographers in the field of photography
– To Propose actions around educationand training in photography
for women and students
– To Use photography as an empowerment tool for girls and women
– Lobby to introduce gender criteriain public photography projects
– Use photography as a tool to promote tolerant and non-sexist values


Four women photographers established International Women Photographers Association in Malaysia in 2001:


© Severine Blanchet 

Severine Blanchet, France, Chris Tan, China, Nirmala Karupia, India , Soraya Ismail, Malaysia,

This group of women photographers initiated the first festival edition of IWPA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia back in 2001.
In 2011, the association headquarters moved to France, home of the president Séverine Blanchet.