IWPA & TAF Photo Challenge 2024

IWPA & TAF Photo Challenge 2024

IWPA & Tbilisi Art Fair extend their heartfelt thanks to all 143 photographers who have submitted their amazing images. Our sincere thanks also go to our esteemed jury for their unwavering commitment in selecting the best talents from our Eastern Partnership countries. 

Your outstanding work not only captivates but also inspires, reaffirming the power of visual storytelling in shaping narratives and driving positive change. We are immensely proud to celebrate the creativity and vision demonstrated by photographers from around the globe in this prestigious competition. 

Cheers to each artist for their remarkable work!

The Results


Lela PANCHVIDZE  with Unanswered questions

Special Mention

Veronika MOL  with Recovery


  • Tamar GRIGOLISHVILI  with Halcyon (That dog won’t hunt)
  • Lali BINYATOVA with Masalli
  • Olia KOVAL with 12 Frames
  • Ekaterina KOLDAEVA  with Searching for New Routes

Recognizing Excellence : We Congratulate All Preselected Talents

Khatia NIKABADZE – Georgian Azerbaijanis and The Spring Jubilee

Elena SHENGELIA – Performance of the Everyday

Carolina DUTCA – Nonna

Kate HRYNKO – Midnight Express

Sitara IBRAHIMBAYLI – Getting married at 17

Mariam JAVAKHISHVILI – Sanatoriums of Tskaltubo

Nutsa MIKABERIDZE – Structures and colors

Ekaterine KOLESNIKOVA – Morning comes too soon

Valentina MAGHLAKELIDZE – Beauty Contest

Nino TRENTINELLA – We don’t need no education

Maryam MUMLADZE – Ukranian Flags

Tamta GOKADZE – Zhdanovkani

The Selection Process

Entries were judged on creativity, originality, emotion conveyed, technical skill and compelling visual storytelling.

The talent and passion for photography was truly impressive, making the shortlisting process both inspiring and challenging. The diversity of the stories and the global coverage in terms of the photographers’ backgrounds far exceeded our expectations.

The Jury

After the close of submissions, our international jury of distinguished individuals reviewed all preselected entries. We extend our sincere gratitude to them for their time and dedication in selecting the winners of the IWPAxTaf Challenge.

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