Actions for change

Actions for change

International Women in Photo Association addresses issues of gender equality, aiming to promote women’s voices by providing visibility to women photographers, our mission is closely linked to SDG 5. The association allows women to share their vision of society by leveraging the power of image to counterbalance gendered stereotypes conveyed in photo.

International Women in Photo is launching two ambitious programmes that will take to the next level its promotion of women visual narratives – already developed with the IWPA award; the goal is to enable women’s voices and increase the number of women visual storytellers around the world.

1 . A global platform to fund and promote women visual storytellers.

  • Why? At IWPA, we constantly meet & exchange with women photographers. In 2021, we launched a survey to know more about the international community of women photographers, in this process we found that these professionals find it difficult to make a living.
  • What is it? – This unique platform will allow audiences to connect with women creators through donations and monthly subscription programs.
  • What for? With this project we want to help fund creative women storytellers around the world so they may receive regular income, retain creative control of their work and keep direct contact with their audience.
  • Status of the project.
    • The platform is currently under development and should launch it in the first half of 2022. The proof of concept is finalized and approved; we are entering the MVP’s phase
    • What we’re looking for? We are actively seeking financial partners + technical partners for this high social impact tool
  • Why you should become a partner? To support women’s voices, empower women economically, being an actor for global equality and diversity.

Please contact us to learn more at

2. A mentorship and education programme – for the next generation of women storytellers.

  • Why this project? Over the years, we have met and connected with many aspiring photographers from countries where photography schools or education are scarce or simply not available for them.
  • What is it? It has several components:
  • A series of scholarships so that a selection of women from low income countries may obtain high quality online image training form our prestigious partner schools such as EFTI, in Spain or SPEOS, in France.
  • A bank of resources to train on marketing and communication skills women photographers
    What for? To train and support the next generation of women visual storytellers
  • Status of the project. All is becoming ready to launch in the first term of 2022
  • What we’re looking for? We are actively seeking sponsors, partners + technical partners for this high social impact learning programme
  • Why you should become a partner. To enable women’s voices, empower women economically, being an actor for global equality and diversity.

Please contact us to learn more at

3. The IWPA photography award – Promoting women photographers and their narratives worldwide

Five years providing exposure to women photographers worldwide. Over the past years, the award has attracted thousands of women photographers of different origins and cultural backgrounds, with over 800 photographers participating in 2020 from over 80 countries and 6 continents.

Exhibitions and conferences. The work and talent of the awardees is showcased around the world through the IWPA’s award exhibitions. During this shows, we often organize round tables and conferences to exchange on the importance of highlighting women’ voices, the role of women photographers and the reality of their professions.

The richness and quality of awarded projects. Partner venues and the public are fascinated by the plurality and the beauty of the awarded series, an eye opener to human and personal stories from different countries;

If you wish to host an IWPA exhibition or become a sponsor, please email us: