Natalia Garbu

Natalia Garbu


Edition 2023 - Emerging Finalist

Moldova Lookbook

Moldova is a nation facing a complex array of challenges and influences. Its patriarchal tendencies, economic struggles, Orthodox traditions, and historical ties to colonialism have shaped its society in unique ways. However, Moldova is also a place of resilience and cultural richness, with a diverse population that continues to seek its place on the global stage. Understanding these complexities is essential for both Moldovans and the international community, as it fosters empathy and offers insights into the ongoing evolution of this small yet significant Eastern European nation. « Moldova.Lookbook » is a big project I have been creating for 15 years, to create a national visual code of my country that would help in the matter of country identity and that would answer the question “who am I?”

I was born in Straseni, Republic of Moldova (ex Moldovan Soviet Republic)

I have studied in this city till I was 14, after I have studied foreign languages in Matei Basarab lyceum in Chisinau.

I was very interested in Journalism and Arts, so I planned to go and study further. Because 90s were quite a harsh period in my country, my dad recommended to not go into arts – cause I will die of hunger, and not into journalism – because « a good journalist in this country is a dead journalist ». So I decided to choose economics and after I finished the studies, I have decided to go to study photography. – Natalia Garbu