Auteur/autrice : Brenda Seck

Discover the Power of Sisterhood Through the Lens

Join us from April 1st to 30th at Église Haute, Vaison-la-Romaine, for ‘Regards de Sororité’ – a captivating exhibition where the essence of sisterhood is explored through the eyes of five remarkable women photographers, Laureats and Finalists of the 6th and 7th IWPA Award.

These artists collectively showcase the resilience and multifaceted nature of sisterhood, emphasizing how it plays a key role in empowering women and creating communities that welcome all, spanning areas such as sports, education, artistic expression, and everyday acts of generosity. Their work prompts us to reevaluate the current state of womanhood, confront established hierarchies, and dream of a more equitable tomorrow.

Step into this inspiring experience with us.

🗓️ Dates: April 1st to 30th

📍 Location: Eglise Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-de-l’Assomption, 84110, Vaison-la-Romaine


In collaboration with the Tbilsi Art Fair, International Women in Photo
(IWPA) France & Georgia is happy to announce the IWPA & TAF PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE 2024 FOR WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS
originating or residing in: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova & Ukraine.

Open Call: February 16, 2024 – March 16, 2024

This challenge is open to all women photographers, and those who identify
as such, from any field of photography, amateurs or professionals.

To submit you work, please send the following files via email at

For your submissions to be completed, please prepare : 

– A coherent series of 7-10 photographs, JPEG format 

– A series statement 

– A short Bio

The winners will be selected by an international jury and be presented at the Tbilisi Art Fair April 2024 running from April 11th-14th

TAF is an international art fair spotlighting emerging artists from the wider Europe. Its mission is to boost visibility and opportunities for artists & galleries, develop professional skills, and foster sustainable cross-border projects and mobility.

Committed to showcasing the work of women photographers since 2016, IWPA has recently expanded its reach to eastern neighbouring
countries and opened a new branch in Tbilsi, Georgia. In light of our commitments to fostering gender equality, this photography challenge encompassing six countries in the region –aims  to provide a platform for women to share their daily challenges and victories, considering the complex socio-economic, political, and human rights landscape.

We look forward to your submission.

Good luck to everybody!

Please check out award regulations here

IWPA Award 7th Edition – Panel Discussion

The curtains have risen in Tokyo for the 7th Edition of the IWPA Award at the Foreign Correspondent Club Japan.On show from November 4 until December 02, the people of Tokyo were invited to immerse themselves in the diverse perspectives and powerful stories that have earned the awardees of the Open Call 2023.

The exhibition, a testament to the profound impact of visual storytelling, was accompanied by the impressive on-line panel discussion moderated by BBC journalist Ilgin Yolmuraz and assisted by the laureates and finalists Louise Amelie, Sara Bennett, Lee Ann Olawage, Rayito Flores Pelcastre, Natalia Garbu and Lorraine Turci.

Read about the panel discussion:

OPEN CALL 2023 – Preselections


Your talent and passion for photography were truly impressive making the preselection process both inspiring and challenging. The diversity of stories and global coverage in terms of photographers’ origins have far exceeded our expectations.

Entries were reviewed for creativity, originality, emotion conveyed, technical proficiency, and compelling visual narrative.

The competition has been a true testament to the power of visual storytelling and its capacity to promote positive change in our society.

Thank you all for participating.

Arantza Aramburu-Hamel (President)
Sandra Saito (Award Manager)


Olufunmilayo Oladipo WerreSpirits explore the world

Natalia Garbu Moldova Lookbook

Huahua Jia Neighbors

Mahsa JarchiHaven

Yuwei Mao – Living

Eszter Halasi – The Last Travellers

Anastasiia Didenko – Don’t play with food

Irina Tavčar – A-normality

Sara Bennett – Looking Inside: Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences

Lisandra Alvarez Valdés – Documento de una niña adulta

Yuki Furusawa – A Truly Normal Family

Khadija Al Maamari – Extinction

Eliane Band – Live and Die in Smoke

Mo ZhouThe Figue Tree

Ana Puit Juste Victory belongs to the Girls

Mina Rabiee Faradonbeh Ayyame Fatemiye (Fatemiye Days)

Grace Pui Wan Ho – The Decline of Chinese Opera in Malaysia

Rumela De – Sultana – The born blind Girl

Hotmaria Siregar – Lisa, a Silverbusker

Eloina Viveros – Carnaval Almolonga


Ana AmadoLavadoiro

Silvia Alessi Hair Revolt

Corina GertzAverted Portrait

Pola Rader – Monotown

Sitara Thalia Ambrosio – Fragile as Glass : LGBTQ+ People in the Russian invasion against Ukraine.

Natthaya Thaidecha – As she calls her breath back

Magda Gibelli – Ballet without Barriers

Serena Dzenis – 2021 ± II: Utopia Broadcasting

Celina Lovera Tamers of Parana.

Corinne Vachon – Kyrgyz : The Celestial People

Vanessa Vettorello – Fixing You

Anna Franciska Legát – Different, still the same

Christina Simons – Uncertain Land : Climate change and the plight of the internally displaced population of South Sudan

Stanislava Novgorodtseva – Ruska Roma

Michela Balboni – We called it banana

Maud Delaflotte – Memorial Ride Sioux Dakota

Paules Maya – Solastaligia

María Ximena Borrazas Cataldo – The Hidden Genocide

Camille Michel – Inughuit : Sentinels of the Arctic

Luisa Lauxen Dörr – Imilia

Anne-Francoise Tasnier – Kibera, the power of the ghetto

Cassandra Klos Mars on Earth

Nayeli Cruz El hambre en Guatemala

Ros Postigo Artisanal fishing in Tambo de Mora

Wendy Marijnissen Always the Guest

Khatia Nikabadze Georgian Azerbaijanis and the Spring Jubilee

Ophélie Giralt Sagnir

Aurélie Scouarnec – Ferae

Morgana Vargas Llosa – The burden of gold in Madre de Dios, Peru

Bettina Flitner – The Village of the Witches

Lujza Hevesi-Szabó – Hidden in the dirt

Alena Grom – Stolen Spring

Shaghayegh Shayankhah – Hidden Dream

Kitra Cahana – Caravana Migrante

Sylvie Léget – Giving Birth in Exil

Nava Jamshidi Goharrizi – Lost Live

Margaret Albaugh – Meimei Jiejie

Olga Papina – One day in the life of Nadezha Yakovlevna.

Lee-Ann Olwage – The Right to Play

Louise Amelie – Missing Member

Fatma Fahmy – The Lost Lake

Rehab Eldalil – The Longing of the Stranger whose path has been broken

Karine Pierre – The Deep Play

Dima Assad – Huda

Rayito Flores Pelcastre – Chirping Crickets

Mahka Eslami – Tales of Women at Sea

Lorraine Turci – The Resilience of the Crow

Jiyeon Lee – Combings : We are the granddaughters of all witches you could not burn !

Chiara Fabbro – Take me Home

Elke Scholier – Slay by Slay