Photographers Category : Special Mention IWPA & TAF Photo Challenge 2024

Veronika Mol


The series « Recovery » documents Mol’s journey to personal strength amid war’s chaos. Her images symbolize inner growth and resilience as she explores vulnerability and captures despair intertwined with hope. Through photographic manipulation, the artist wants to convey transformative experiences. Connecting with staples, Mol testifies to recovery’s power. The polaroids, bent and crumpled, reflect our shared human complexity. 

Veronika Mol, born in Ukraine, graduated from Cherkasy National University and now resides in Kyiv. She began her photography journey in 2021, focusing on analog and instant cameras. As a member of the MYPH group, Veronika explores film processing techniques like extending, cutting, burning, dyeing, and staples stitching, driven by her boundless curiosity.