Photographers Category : Finalist IWPA & TAF Photo Challenge 2024

Ekaterina Koldaeva

Search for New Routes

Since leaving Belarus in 2021, I’ve been on a constant search for new routes and the definition of ‘home’, often spending no more than a month in a single city. These photos, captured between 2021 and 2023, document my journey, accompanied by postcards sent to loved ones, merging documentary with auto fiction. Through this multidisciplinary project, I explore the essence of home, questioning whether it’s a place or the people that define it.


Kate Koldaeva, a Belarusian amateur analog photographer and game designer. 


Lali Binyatova


Relocating to Baku at 16 with her mother, Binyatova mourned the loss of her influential father in Masalli,  her ancestral home, amidst quarantine restrictions. Resigned to her longing, she found solace and purpose behind the lens, immersing herself in storytelling through photography, connecting with long-lost relatives and delving into the mystique of Masalli. Over four years, this project not only captured her heritage but also unveiled a part of herself she had longed to rediscover.

Binyatova, a versatile photographer based in Baku, Azerbaijan, blends personal narratives with social insight to explore the human experience. With a background in cinematography and translation, she brings a unique perspective to her commercial and freelance work, spanning various genres from food to fashion.


Olia Koval

12 Frames

In 12 frames from 2023, Olia Koval documents adaptation, skill acquisition, environmental shifts, and unity against a common enemy during wartime. The series explores landscape transformations and the struggles of vulnerable populations, presented cinematically with a medium format camera. These unedited panoramas, each measuring 80×6 cm, offer a raw portrayal of life amidst conflict’s


Olia Koval, born in Chernihiv, Ukraine, began photography in 2020. Currently studying at the Cinematography Faculty of Karpenko-Kary, she is a member of the MYPH team and works at Zaborona. Her works have been represented by ArtEast Berlin since 2020. She participated in the 2022 Menu Zona Residency in Klaipeda and has pieces exhibited in Odesa Modern Museum and the Grynovs collection.


Tamar Grigolishvili

Halcyon (That dog won’t hunt) – Series

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s « The Battle of Anghiari » and the Battle of Didgori, this series is predominantly set on Mount Didgori, reflecting on solitude and serenity. Unlike the chaos of battle, Grigolishvili aims to capture the quiet aftermath of conflict, portraying abandoned places and the resilience found in solitude. This series serves as a documentation of the human experience, urging viewers to confront the toll of conflict while finding solace amidst desolation.

Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia, Grigolishvili is currently studying Visual Arts & Design and minoring in international relations at the Free University of Tbilisi. She interns as a graphic/data visualization designer and freelance in photography. In my free time, I delve into personal photography projects, often centered on Tbilisi’s nature and history.