Olga Kukush



Scenography of pregnancy

Waiting for a miracle is the time traditionally called of pregnancy. Future parents are happy, everyone is happy. Holiday is in the family.

The emergence of a new life is really a miracle. But this magic has another side that we cannot talk about. The organism of pregnant woman suffers from huge changes – physical, hormonal, psychological. It is often not easy. Women must change their way of life and their habits radically. They often give up their career in favor of caring for children.
What is the world of pregnant woman?

Waiting for the child is like staying in the white room. The white walls surround by a sense of inevitability. Freedom is insulated by your vulnerability. Your movements, thoughts, dreams, plans are bounded now. They are transformed. You don’t belong to yourself anymore. Your way of life and your world are beyond the boundaries of this room. You can see it but you are not a part of it anymore. It moves farther away. You try on a new role, you renounce your yesterday personality.
Waiting slowly fills the room like air. Waiting for the unknown.

Acceptance and humility of the first pregnancy days are mixed with fear later. Fear of touching the new and the unknown, fear of not recovering from the new conditions.

Your feelings are confused. Your thoughts turn into a grid where your dreams and hopes are entangled.