Haruhi Fujii

Haruhi Fujii

Tokyo (Japan), Japanese

Edition 2017 - Finalist

Statement: What are my borders? I have been thinking about this question for quite a long time. Who am I? How different am I from others? Is there a precise border between my body and my soul? Just passing time, being with other people or realizing myself as a women – these moments do not really allow me to get a profound understanding of myself.
When taking a picture I am tracing the outline of my memory, to me it means to live past moments again. It is not of importance if despite my efforts, I cannot reach reality. By honestly telling the story like a dream, I just wish to discover the entrance gate for a better comprehension of myself. I realize that in my dreamy landscapes, a lof of vocabulary is hidden. It has the capacity to reply to my questions and to reveal the other world under its veiled surface. This is actually a very private process for me – a very special moment, only possible when being alone. Time goes on, but I feel the need of a moment when the borders disappear. Then there is no necessity to feel beauty or to look for something favorite. I will already belong partly to the landscape and partly to the other world.

c_dream of a bird

dream of a bird

f_bird of a basket

bird of a basket


i_red bird

red bird



b_white bird

white bird