Dina Oganova


Me Too

“Maybe I am mistaken, maybe this is just my fantasy?” We are ashamed of our own thoughts even when we are victims. Maybe this is the reason why we do not understand, how huge the problem is, how big threat we face.
When I look at the statistics, I feel scared.
I am scared because of each and every little girl and boy, who’s rights are not protected, because of every teen girl, who’s afraid and ashamed of talking about sexual harassment, because of every woman, for whom this is a tabooed topic, who tries to forget everything she has seen. And most of all, I am scared of the women, who pretend that sexual harassment does not exist, who say there is no cause for alarm, but they live with the constant feeling of insecurity, especially when they stay alone with themselves.
It’s hard and difficult to be a woman in Georgia. Probably, it’s the same in other countries, but I can talk only about mine, Sakartvelo (Georgia) and what I see here, is the ability of women to keep collective silence, and this is the biggest crime, for me. We have to start talking and listening to each other, we have to be more brave and we need to learn how to break silence about sexual harassment around us.