Claire Simon

(Editor of « PHOTO » magazine.)

Claire Simon is 26 years old. Her artistic career started in 2011 when she began Fine Arts studies discovering photography, video and sound. After she obtained a national degree in visual arts and developped a strong interest for the still images, in 2014 she got accepted at ENS Louis-Lumière in photographic studies. In wich she covered historical, theoretical, aesthetic and technique of photography. She enjoyed an exchange program at Cergy Fine Art chool, where she specifically developped projects around curating exhibition and books edition.
Today, Claire works in the press industry as iconographer for Télérama magazine and redactor for the magazine PHOTO. This situation allows her to keep an anchored foot in artistic news while giving her time to continue her personal projects. In 2018 she wins the Prix Dauphine pour l’Art Contemporain as curator.