The approach of the end of the year celebrations is an opportunity for us to share with you the news of the IWPA association and its education project.

We are delighted to present a selection of of photographs donated by the winners and finalists of the IWPA Prize since 2016 in order to help us raise funds the Photography training program for Women, and carry out this project.

By supporting us thanks to your donation, you will finance the school fees of future women photographers.


(Mexico, Laureate 2020)
Iliukak, 2020, 52 x 82 cm, Edition of 7
Minimum Price : Euros 1100

In her series « ILUIKAK », Mara Sanchez Renero denounces the socio-political instability, the precarious economic conditions and injustice in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, causing the original inhabitants, the Nahua people, to lose contact with their roots, heritage and territory. Once farmers, they have become migrant communities. Iluikak, meaning « close to the sky » in Nahuatl, this project moreover explores the thin borderline between documentary and fiction in photographic creation and the pendular relationship between the visible and invisible.

© Mara Sanchez Renero. All Rights Reserved


(Romania, Finalist 2017)
Circus, 2017, 50 x 75 cm Open edition
Minimum Price : Euros 300

This project has no name and is mainly about me making a very important discovery: that I don’t have to run away with the circus, because there’s circus everywhere. Circus in the most wonderful meaning, at the border between real and surreal (talking of borders). Circus is when sensitivity, expression and feelings stand naked in front of you. It can happen anytime and anywhere and I think this is the most surreal thing about life I can illustrate in my work. Nothing forced.

© Ana Alexandrescu. All Rights Reserved


(Uganda, Finalist 2017)
Behind Veils and Walls, 2017, 30 x 40 cm Edition of 5 + 2 AP
Minimum Price : Euros 550

My project “Behind Veils and Walls” reveals the lives of female Somali refugees living in exile and the quest for an authentic, meaningful existence in a transitional space. In Kampala, Uganda, tucked away in a corner of the humming downtown area lies Kisenyi, a small and rough looking bunch of dusty streets bursting with business and trade, home to thousands of Somalis. Welcome to “Little Mogadishu“.Exile to the young women in my photographs seems more like life in a parallel sphere. They celebrate friendship & solidarity, creating home away from home for each other, often in absence of men.

© Anne Ackermann All Rights Reserved
Ayan, a young woman from Somalia, is posing for a photo in the staircase of her new home in Kampala, an appartment block in Kisenyi area aka « Little Mogadishu » for its high number of Somali migrant population. Ayan left Somalia in 2014 with the family she worked for as a house girl when she felt the bomb blasts were getting too much for her. She misses her mother a lot, sometimes they talk on the phone.


(Georgia, Finalist 2020)
Me too, 2020, 26 x 60 cm Open Edition
Minimum Price : Euros 300

The series «Me too» by Dina Oganova is a testimony about sexual harassment. Georgia is a small country that does not escape sexual violence, where the victims of such violence have great difficulty speaking out of fear of being recognized within their community. The landscapes and portraits taken in Sakartvelo, Georgia, show exterior and interior spaces of a tense silence. Dina Oganova is Georgian and lives in Tbilisi.

© Dina Oganova. All Rights Reserved


(United Kingdom, Finalist 2019)
Caroline & Kadeem (Separation series) 2019, 30 x 30 cm Open Edition
Minimum Price : Euros 550

Love is one of life’s mysteries. It is something that most can relate to and yet there is no one emotion that defines it. Love can bring elation, it can also bring despair. Separation explores the angst and myriad emotions experienced by London-based couples who, as a result of Brexit, have been forced to contemplate separation. Tens of thousands of people face the possibility of losing their right to work in the UK, not to mention being forced out of the country that they share with their partner.

© Laura Pannack, All Rights Reserved


(Spain, Finalist 2020)
White line 16 2018, 50 x 75 cm Edition 1/6 + AP
Minimum Price : Euros 600

The images of the «White Line» series, taken in an extremely natural environment rarely inhabited by man, take us on a journey and make us aware of the fragile nature of the Arctic region. She traveled during 4 years to one of the most threatened areas of our planet. She lived with the Inuit, Nenets and Sami, in Greenland, Siberia and Lapland, people that maintain a close link with nature in their way of live. The Spanish artist living in Madrid, reflects on life, our identity and freedom.

© Rosa Rodriguez. All Rights Reserved


(China, Laureate 2019)
Goo Ma 2016, 32 x 48 cm Edition 8
Minimum Price : Euros 450

At Wu Kai Sha, a pier which appears to be like another other beaches in Hong Kong, comes alive at the crack of dawn every morning. The ocean is filled with seniors from around the neighbourhood or even across town. Some go there to swim to keep up with their physical mobility, some go to train for triathlons and ocean marathons, some don’t even know how to swim but bring a foat board with them so they can do stretching in water, some go there to connect and chat with friends, and some take their grandchildren there and teach them swimming.

© Michelle Chan (Little.Rice) Photography 2016. All Rights Reserved


(Iran, Finalist 2018)
Rotation 2009, 33 x 50 cm Edition 5
Minimum Price : Euros 450

This photo is part of a series entitled the Rotation. The collection is about the presence of a teenage girl in a place called Zurkhaneh. The Zurkhaneh is their family heritage that her father had put up for sale due to financial difficulties. The girl knew most of the men in the pictures on the walls of the Zurkhaneh. (Zurkhaneh is a place to practice ritual ancient sports or varzesh-e bāstāni in Iran. With the exception of a few cases in recent years, no women have been allowed to enter this manly venue.)

© Elahe Abdolahabadi. All Rights Reserved


(Austria, Finalist 2018)
About time or the impossibility of an Island, 2018, 30 x 48 cm Edition 12
Minimum Price : Euros 500

In Havana time is an unavoidable character. Destructive or facetious, sardonic or nostalgic, political or imaginary, irreverent in any case, Time sprawls its texture and shadow all over the city. Half a century of defiant isolation and embargo has done its work.

In the vale of years the revolution seems to have been confiscated, the superb and sensuous fabric of the city has crumbled beyond repair, people have gone into exile building a very vivid absence, heroes have aged, Fidel is dead, swimming-pools have been left empty and disbelief and reluctance towards propaganda are everywhere.

Time has collapsed on this island-nation but time seems on the verge of unwrapping. Albeit scarce and expensive, the Internet has opened a window that cannot be closed anymore. One senses a people yearning to escape this austere paradise and to embrace the world. The restrictions of the Trump administration and the pandemic may slow down the process but ineluctably the island will build bridges with the rest of the world.
These pictures have been taken between 2014 and 2019 and are a melancholic homage to a revolution that once inspired so many hopes and has demanded so many sacrifices.

There are about the impossibility of an island.

© Marylise Vigneau. All Rights Reserved

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