Association –

IWP001-logo-bleuA, the International Women Photographers Association, promotes women
photographers by highlighting and exposing their practices and talents to an international audience.
The IWPA Award and the promotion of exhibitions are the main ways to achieve it.
The Association serves an important mission:
To encourage and support women photographers on the path
of reaffirming their personal voice and practice.

/ The objectives are to /

  • Promote the diversity of women photographers coming from different traditions, cultures and religions.
  • Reveal to the public a new selection of photographic expression.
  • Expose the various testimonies of a global society.

The Association promotes these objectives by organizing the IWPA award that, with the help of a jury, selects amongst all participants
eleven finalists of whom one laureate.

The Award creates a unique opportunity to increase women photographers’ visibility as they are still highly under represented in this field.
With IWPA award, the Association aims to raise awareness amongst the art professionals and help women in the photography world,
achieve their aspirations and promote their careers.

The Award exhibition starts in a selected country and travels worldwide for a year, offering the Laureate and the ten Finalists
copious international exposure.
/ History /
Four women photographers established International Women Photographers Association in Malaysia in 2001:


Severine Blanchet, France, Chris Tan, China, Nirmala Karupia, India , Soraya Ismail, Malaysia,

This group of women photographers initiated the first festival edition of IWPA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia back in 2001.
In 2011, the association headquarters moved to France, home of the president Séverine Blanchet.
Over the past few years, the association has managed to bring together several photographers to organize the award that
received applications from around the world for its last edition, in 2013.